Sunday, 31 August 2014

How it began

It suddenly struck me that I am 50 next year. A milestone.

I am overweight and unfit, something which happened when I broke my hand and experienced depression and went through the menopause. My hand is fixed my mind is busy, time to sort this out before my 50th.

My journey began on Sunday the17th August when I decided that this was the day I took the first step. I started with a 7 day juicing journey with Jason Vale.  I used to juice for breakfast everyday and I loved it. I found the 7 days pretty easy and lost 6lbs in the week.

I used to run and do yoga twice a week so I have started running again and have just completed week 2 day 1 of C25K and have found a hot yoga studio.  Bit of a blip this weekend on the exercise front as I feel over twice on Thursday and have lower back and knee issues a a result. So yoga on Tuesday to try and sort it out - haven't done hot yoga for a long time so today and tomorrow must hydrate!

I have also started drying brushing before my shower and moisturising everyday.

Come with me on my journey.